. . . Ripped . . . Mix . . . Burn . . .


The short version:

Here they are. Take. Share. Don't alter. Please support independent music and musicians. Let us know what you of our tunes.

The long version:

Why. Whine.

Face ogg 128k 2.6M mp3 128k 2.8M hi-q mp3 256k 5.5M
Alcoholic ogg 128k 3.2M mp3 128k 3.5M hi-q mp3 256k 7.1M
Forlorn ogg 128k 3.0M mp3 128k 3.2M hi-q mp3 256k 6.5M
Typecast ogg 128k 3.4M mp3 128k 3.6M hi-q mp3 256k 7.1M
Lazyboy Chair ogg 128k 2.6M mp3 128k 2.8M hi-q mp3 256k 5.7M
Every 6 Months ogg 128k 3.4M mp3 128k 3.5M hi-q mp3 256k 7.0M
Movie Doggerel ogg 128k 2.6M mp3 128k 2.8M hi-q mp3 256k 5.7M
Tennessee ogg 128k 2.9M mp3 128k 3.0M hi-q mp3 256k 6.0M

what is "ogg"? Ogg is a non-propietary, open-source digital music format designed with different, many say better, psycho-acoustic principles than MP3. Yay. We think it rocks.


Hey, let's get real pretentious for about three sentences: The part of this band that's politically active thinks that creating sustainable behaviors is vital for the continued survival of the human species. That means conserving limited natural resources, and reducing the amount of waste we all produce. We also think that music and other forms of art are important and worthwhile. We hope to find a balance between these things.

We originally made the decision to make physical, plastic copies of our debut album (we did use packaging from Oasis with reduced environmental impact). And originally, we didn't plan to make most of the record available for download. We've changed our minds, and here's some of what we were thinking and why we changed our minds:

There's an ugly war on. On one side are copyright holders (who mostly aren't the musicians, but are mostly big multinational corporations) and hardware vendors. On another side are music fans and listeners. We're not sure there are only two sides, but we're sure which side we're not on. We are music fans and listeners.

One of us (it's doug) really, really hates the way 128K MP3's sound. But lots of people just don't care, and on computer speakers and inexpensive headphones, it may be hard to tell the difference anyway, and even doug admits that the encoders have gotten better, and we've got high-bandwidth files available if you do care. We also think ogg is a great addition to the digital music landscape, and we're glad there's a lot more support for it.

We still kinda like to have our record exist in a form that you can hold in your hands. If it's just sitting on a hard drive somewhere, it seems so ephemeral somehow, one disk-crash away from gone forever. And we like having pictures and stuff on the sleeve: the whole package is supposed to be an aesthetic experience: hold it, look at it, play it, hear it. But the idea that you need to have a piece of plastic (or vinyl or whatever) to listen to music is clearly on the way out.


We would still like your help with a few things:

We recorded "Don't Entertain Me Twice," a song originally by Game Theory, and we have limited rights to that song, which don't include making it available to everybody to download. Out of respect for the song's composer, Scott Miller, we ask that you not share that specific song over P2P.

If you download our songs, and you like some of 'em, we hope you will share 'em, in any format you like. Some of us love getting and making mix CDs and tapes. But we also hope you'll leave our name and contact info on anything you distribute, so that if some of your friends like our stuff they know where to look for more.

Lastly: We financed this record out of our own pockets. A good chunk of it is still racking up interest on credit cards we hold. We hoped (OK, we still hope) to sell some of those pieces of plastic (CD Baby CD Street Amazon PayPal, mail order) to defray the cost of recording in a good studio and pay off our debts. We also have T-shirts (including unbleached natural cotton shirts) for sale, and we play live (although mostly not far from Washington DC). If you download our music and you like it, and you would like to hear some of the new songs we've written but haven't recorded, please consider supporting us by buying our wares or seeing us play. You can also donate to our recording fund by PayPal, if you're so inclined. We will come up with cool things to send people who help out.

Thanks for listening.

-- feckless beast



last update 31.aug.2005