feckless beast

Sa 2 Nov 2002 Rock'n'Romp w/Caligari, Colonel Klink, Koshari and They Might Be Hobbits
  Uh, yeah, so I got this Beatles Chronicle book, and I got it into my head that it would be cool to play two shows in the same day, coz, hey, the Beatles used to do it (they would do one in the afternoon and from one to THREE in the evening). But then it occurred to me, they probably didn't run sound for the gigs, too, which, as rock'n'romp's resident soundguy, was sorta my responsibility. Oops. A tiring day.
We were "Tap." Koshari played in their pajamas. They Might be Hobbits was members of Blimlimlim, Semi Lunar Valve, and Feckless playing TMBG songs. Caligari were good, and Colonel Klink didn't get recorded.

last update 9.nov.2002