feckless beast

Mo 18 Sep 2000 - Galaxy Hut
  A last-minute cancellation left us the only band on the bill, so we got to stretch out for two sets and twenty tunes, which was kinda cool seeing as how it was our last show for a while. It was also Liz's birthday, and Liz proved to be a great surprisee -- not only was she surprised when she twigged that the balloons festooning the club were in her honor, she was surprised again when we brought out cake & ice-cream for everyone in the place.
It was special playing the Major Healeys' "Tennessee," since ex Healey Jamie and his new bride Kathrin were visiting from Germany, and got to hear what we did to the poor song.
We wish all the best to Y-Five, who couldn't play with us as a result of an injury.
This was Liz's last full show with us.

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