feckless beast

Sa 26 Feb 2000 Phantasmagoria Velvet Underground Tribute - mr. pathetic solo, w/Beta, Rupert Chapelle, Jerky-Headed Bob, Phyllis Styles and Stolen Government Binder Clip
  Andrew Williams, the guy who puts the "Bob" in the Jerky Head, lovingly assembled this diverse tribute to the music of the Velvet Underground. (Somewhat loosely interpreted: solo John Cale got aired, Phyllis Styles wrote a couple of songs "for" the Velvets, and maybe my favorite surprise of the evening was SGBC's "excerpt" from Reed's notorious Metal Machine Music.)
i read one of the more obnoxious Lou stories from Please Kill Me Now and ran through some of my favorites from the third album: "After Hours," "Candy Says," and "Beginning to See the Light." it was a whole lot of fun.

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