feckless beast

18 Apr 2000 Metro Cafe w/ Loud Family and Muse
  What a weird night.

We set up the show with Loud Family, featuring Scott Miller, a guy I've admiredly hugely since his days in Game Theory. It turned out to be their farewell tour and a bit of a grind for them -- their label was not doing a lot to support them. Major-label near-Radiohead clones Muse wound up with a free day before flying back to England after they came off a tour opening for the Foo Fighters and the Chili Peppers. They got added to the bill about a week before the show. It was surreal. They trucked in their stadium-sized sound rig -- their truck was longer than the front of the club, literally. Even their handlers didn't deign to talk to little ol' us. We played a Game Theory song and Scott didn't visibly cringe.

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