feckless beast

Sa 11 Sep 1999 Studio 1019 - THE RED PARTY
with Clark's Ditch, Signs Point to Yes, and the Spontanes!

  Wow...what can i say? I hope eventually we might play a bigger gig, and i sure hope we keep getting better at playing them, but this one will be special to all of us forever. It was wonderful to have a nice big stage to run around on, and it was terrific to play to such a large and enthusiastic crowd.

The couldn't-have-done-it-without-ya list is long and includes: the Red Party team that put the whole thing together, all the volunteers who helped out, the good folks at Snap Pop for helping to get the word out, Marcus and SPTY for sharing their toys, Stratolounger Pat for sound par excellence all night long, and the three excellent bands we were honored to share the stage with.

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