feckless beast

Sa 30 Oct 1999 Velvet Lounge w/ the Dirty Little Fuck Sluts, the Milk-o-matics and Jonathan Spottiswoode and his Enemies
  Feckless, (a.k.a. "Austin Powers and His Enemies") kicked off a long night of great music with a set shortened due to some equipment hassles. We started what i hope will be a tradition of crazy Halloween shows -- BD shaved his head to play the role of Dr. Evil -- he didn't go to eight years of Evil Drummer School for nothing -- and Feckless Dave played in Union Jack bikini briefs, a chest rug, and not a whole lot more. Our cover of Ming Tea's hit "BBC" went down well.
The Milk-o-Matics played a fine, tight set, dressed as the Devil (another shaven head) and his advocates. The Sluts, perhaps befitting the name, weren't especially tight, but were fairly outrageous. Spottiswoode (appearing this night as the Addams family) are one of the most proficient bands on the local scene, with top-notch playing and writing, and they closed out the night in fine fashion.

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