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Sa 7 Aug 1999 Wyatt's Saloon w/ Number Nine Line
  We started with disastrous omens when Liz caught a sudden flu, Dave tripped over one of nonl's amps and smashed his knee, and doug almost didn't make the gig due to a sudden dayjob crisis, but we wound up having a pretty good show -- nothing like adversity to give you something to triumph over, i guess.
Headliners Number Nine Line (nonl) must been seen to be believed -- their set chronicled the attempts of a corrupt movie producer to take over the world, and featured mildly outlandish costumes, Emerson Lake and Palmer LPs hurled into the audience, and simulated wrestling, over a musical background which melded new-wave-tinged jangle and afro-pop into an intriguing stew. Their version of "Tomorrow Never Knows" was the most unusual arrangement of a Beatles tune i've heard since the thrash metal version of "Eleanor Rigby."

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