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Tu 27 Oct 1998 Washington Capitol Hilton (as Friction)
  Our first gig after deciding to be a four-piece, but before the new name, was a benefit for the Asian/Pacific islander Domestic Violence Resource Project. By far the best free chow of any gig we've played so far (even though more than 3/4 the fare was not acceptable to the vegetarian contingent of the band).
Weirdest PA we've ever had -- the single vocal mike came through ceiling speakers all over the room, the drums were acoustic, and the amps weren't miked; just playing to the room. of course, no one could hear the words.
Hardest-to-follow act we've ever had: theater group QDB Ink's rendition of "Dear Inay - Dear Anak," a brutal piece about an immigrant woman married to an abusive serviceman, was devastating. it was hard to go up after it and try to be a good-time rock'n'roll band; but i think the crowd was ready for something less intense, and the set seemed to go over well.
Short set, debuting our re-working of the Major Healey's classic "Tennessee," and featuring Matthew Sweet's "Sick of Myself" as the token "recognizable" cover. Also first time out for "Model City" in a band setting (with apologetic spiel about its lack of social responsibility from dmw).
Special thanks to the friends and fans who forked over the hefty $35 cover (at least it was benefitting a good cause!) Extra special thanks to John Young for transport, sound assistance, not to mention creative camera work.

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